EuroMillions lottery winners plan to build a unique home


Recent studies show that most lottery winners choose to spend a significant part of their prize on either building or buying a new home. Relocating to a more spacious place or constructing one out of scrap is the main priority for most people and such a jackpot can bring the dream to life. Matt and Cassey Topham are the latest EuroMillions lottery winners and with £45 million they can afford to go a step further than others. What they intend to do is to build a truly unique home on a suburban street, and fit it with some of the most fascinating gadgets ever to feature in a house.

More than a place to call home

The lucky couple has submitted a planning application for their futuristic home and the initial estimations suggest that the costs will exceed £5 million. For starters, it would be 16 times larger than a regular family house in the United Kingdom and it will have exotic features such as a botanical garden, a waterfall, a grotto swimming pool and several bedrooms. It will be a significant upgrade from the £90,000 house where the Tophams used to live, but they can certainly afford such an investment.

The two winners have enjoyed plenty of media attention immediately after winning the jackpot in late February, and not all of it was for the better. They’ve been robbed soon after picking up the prize and the paparazzi followed them around for weeks trying to scoop some juicy little nuggets. If the plans they have submitted are accepted and the project turns into reality, their home should provide them with all the privacy they ever dreamt of.

Inspired by Hollywood movies

It would be an understatement to say that the house they plan on building would be terrific, given the fact that it will feature a garage large enough to accommodate 10 cars. Despite the huge investment, the design will remain contemporary, as the lottery winners plan to leave a place suitable for a family. The new structure will be erected on a mansion built 18 years ago, and the interior is inspired by what the lucky couple saw in holiday movies. They drew inspiration from Iron Man, Dynasty and other blockbusters and that’s why the end result is expected to be a surprising an unconventional mix of architecture.

The house should be built around what future owners call clusters of activity and will even incorporate a cinema room. The huge windows are supposed to offer an amazing view of the neighboring country Park, but it all depends on whether the planners will get the go-ahead this summer. Meanwhile, the Tophams made sure that those dear to them are not neglected and arranged for all paid trips for their families in Spain, the United States and Holland. Matt also paid his father’s mortgage and donated over £1 million to a friend.

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