Everything evens out for the Irish lottery winner

Lottery winner

Joe Clarke’s life was hardly a joyride but it appears like he finally caught a lucky break and it is entirely up to him to make the most of this rare opportunity. He won £10.2m in the New Year Euromillions and can look forward with optimism because it is unlikely for this impressive amount to run out during his lifetime. Interesting enough, Joe’s name was already familiar to the British public and it all began with the events that took place in 1971.

A victim of circumstances

42 years ago, Mr. Clarke was the subject of extreme interrogation by the British military who tried to suppress the wave of violence that engulfed Northern Ireland. The circumstances in which the events occurred are not 100% clear, but what is certain is that the methods during the interrogation were in complete disaccord with international law. For a week, he was the subject of various forms of torture and as compensation for his ordeal, he was awarded £12,500 by the British government three years later.

It is highly debatable whether this financial compensation will ever offset the psychological and physical trauma, and there are signs that Joe Clarke was never the same after those incidents. Only nine years ago he was on the verge of going to jail after assaulting former world champion Eamonn Magee. The boxer was assaulted with a wooden baton and suffered a fractured knee and a broken leg, which jeopardized his career. Joe got away with a suspended three-year sentence.

Finally some good luck for Mr. Clarke

It is only safe to say that Joe Clarke had to overcome several obstacles during his life, some created by himself. Lady luck finally smiled down on him and he collected a £10,243,499 jackpot on the New Year’s Day and he has an excellent chance of turning his life around for good. With proper bankroll management and with the experience he has after such a long and intense life, Clarke should never have to work a day in his lifetime or worry about financial issues.

The members of the community who know him are all thrilled with the fact that Joe won the jackpot, because they feel that he deserves the prize more than anyone else. While the lucky winner declined to discuss the matter with reporters, the media caught what it was looking for from his friends and relatives. The store owner where Mr. Clarke purchased the tickets from was the one to shed more information about his character and attitude towards life. He spoke about showing kind words and claimed that he is a reliable person and a hard working man is always ready to help a friend in need.


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