EZ Mart lottery ticket buyer wins $50K in Friday’s Powerball drawing

Powerball drawing

Someone who bought a Powerball ticket from the Otter Creek Parkway EZ Mart in Little Rock has won $50,000 in Saturday’s Powerball draw. The identity of the player is not known yet.

The player actually won $10,000 in the draw. But since, the player bought a $1 Powerball multiplier ticket, the prize got multiplied five times, bringing the amount to a whopping $50K. Coincidentally, it was the two year anniversary of the first lottery ticket sale in Arkansas.

Saturday’s draw once again failed to have a winner for the much coveted Powerball jackpot. No one could match all the five draw numbers & the Powerball number to claim the jackpot. The jackpot amount will now get rolled over to Wednesday’s (September 28th) draw & the jackpot amount for Wednesday’s draw will be at $37 million.

On Saturday’s Powerball draw the numbers drawn were 3, 4, 12, 27 & 44. The Powerball number drawn was 26. The Powerplay number drawn was 5.


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