Facts About New York Lottery

New York Lottery

New York Lottery News houses many facts, which one must know. There are certain numbers that one should not miss out on when it comes to the New York lottery. To begin with, one has to be eighteen to qualify for participation in the lottery. New York Lottery news states the stakes of winning its different games. The odds of winning Mega Millions is 1 out of 175 million; Sweet Million is 1 out of 3.8 million and that of winning New York Lotto is 1 out of 45 million. Though the chances are bleak people know that only the one who plays, wins and patience is rewarded sooner or later.

According to the New York Lottery news Johnnie Ely is the largest individual winner of the New York lottery having won a sum of $27 million. There are four major jackpot prizes to be won, namely New York Lotto, Sweet Million, New York Powerball and New York Mega Million. New York Lottery caters to a wide variety of people as they have 5 daily lotteries and 59 scratch card lotteries. Though these games are small-scale the odds of winning them are slightly higher. Daring to take a chance often pays off.


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