Financial Advisor warns clients of a Lottery Mail Scam

Lottery scam

A Financial Advisory firm has raised an alarm over a lottery scam that is targeting senior citizens. Advanced Retirement Planning, a financial advisory firm for senior citizen is asking its clients to be cautious of the scam .The lottery scam was brought to the attention of the firm after one of the company employees was forwarded a letter from the scammers by one of the clients.

The senior citizen being bound to a wheelchair due to old age was seeking the services of the firm to help her get the $50,000 that the letter claimed she had won from an ‘international Canadian lottery’. The scammers had gone a step further and even sent an authentic looking cheque accompanying the letter in order to put suspicion to the minimum.

The use of a fake but genuine looking cheque is a trick that most of the mail lottery scammers use. They will make you believe that you are holding a $50000 cheque and ask you for money that will be used to ‘process’ the lottery winnings. In this case, the scammers required that $2300 be wire transferred to an account in Spain

Lottery games will never ask you for cash to process their funds. Everything is deducted from your lottery winnings. This is a pointer that you are dealing will lottery scammers. The next thing is that it is impossible to win in a lottery game that you never participated. You have to be in it to win it.

For your safety, only play the lottery at reputable online lottery sites. A full list of such sites can be found at our homepage.


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