Fraud cases increase among lottery winners

Playing the lottery

As Millions of lottery winners celebrate last Fridays results a recent survey has revealed that more lottery winners are being convicted. The crimes range from benefit fraud, tax evasion and felony firearm charges.  This news has got people wondering if there is a curse to winning the lottery or just a case of bad people winning the lottery.

In Michigan a former lottery millionaire is being charged with several counts of firearm related felonies. This comes just two years after his lottery win and reports have it that he is also destitute. The man was charged when his brother reported that he had stolen several rifles from his mother’s house and sold them at a pawn shop. In a related news item another lottery millionaire got 9 months probation after failing to declare her income and continuing to receive food stamps. Although she got off lightly, she will be required to pay back the government, court costs and attendant fines.

This increase in cases of lottery winners defrauding social services has necessitated many governments to come up with legislation that now requires national lottery organizations to give information of winners to certain government offices in order to identify people unfairly claiming welfare. Also reported is the 14 month jail term handed to the owner of Absolute poker. He was found guilty of breaking US Internet gambling laws as well as conspiracy to commit bank and wire fraud.

This increased number of cases shows that the authorities are not taking it lightly. So next time you make a big win be sure to be on the right side of the law.


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