Fresno Mega Millions winner claims his $30.5m prize

Mega Millions winner

Back in October, two lucky players shared the $61 million Mega Millions jackpot, but only one name was revealed to the press. Sandeep Singh from Hyannis stepped forward to claim $30.5 million and chose the lump payment which decreased the total amount to roughly $60 million. Until yesterday, the only thing that lottery enthusiasts knew was that the other lucky winner bought the tickets in Fresno California. Alex Cordova came forward and claimed his prize, also opting in for the cash prize instead of the annuity.

Humble beginnings and strong work ethics

Colleagues and supervisors alike describe Alex as a true professional with genuine passion for his work and excellent work ethics. He worked for almost 15 years for Fresno State as a facilities supervisor and during his lengthy career he built a strong reputation and earned the respect of coworkers. It comes as no surprise that now that lady luck smiled with benevolence over Mr. Cordova, all of those who know him are very happy for his achievement. Many say that this couldn’t have happened to a better man and the only regret is that they will probably miss his professionalism and dedication.

Although Alex hasn’t expressed his decision to quit the job yet, it is most unlikely for him to return to work now that he has so much money in his bank account. Statistics tell us that only a fraction of lottery winners choose to keep their job, and the few who do so are usually working as volunteers and expect no payment for their efforts. Given the impeccable manner in which Alex performed the event and facilities supervision, it will be very difficult for Fresno State to replace him on such a short notice.

No plans about the immediate future

Although almost a month has passed since Mr. Cordova won the jackpot, he says that he has no clear plan about what to do with all this money. He intends to take his time and consider his options, but given his character and solid principles it is hard to believe that he will begin a spending spree. Among the first things that Alex did after announcing the fact that he is the lucky winner of $30.5 million was to thank those close to him, friends family and coworkers.

He expressed his satisfaction for having the opportunity of working alongside people he admired and in not so many words he suggested the fact that he will miss them. Like so many winners before him, Alex said that despite winning a huge jackpot, he won’t let money interfere with his life and will continue to abide to those principles and virtues that guided his life. Only time will tell whether this will happen or not, but Mr. Cordova seems to be one of the lottery winners that don’t lose their moral compass.


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