Generosity and the 7.5 Million Euro UK Lotto Winner

UK Lotto

We’ve gotten so used to hearing horror stories about the things exes do to each other that it’s nice to hear a good story coming out of the woodworks. This one is brought to you courtesy of a jackpot win in the UK lotto.

Doreen Hay had been married to John Hay for 12 years until 1987 when they decided to get a divorce due to a mutual agreement that they had been growing apart as a married couple.

Isn’t Divorce Supposed to Drive You Apart?

One would think that a divorce would mean the couple would be seeing and talking to each other very little at this point, over 20 years later. But after Doreen won the UK lotto and brought home a check for 7.5 million euros, John was the first person she called to tell.

Although he was the first person she called, the two of them had remained good friends even after the divorce. They regularly meet for lunch every single Sunday to chat and both John and Doreen said that they had maintained a great relationship even after the divorce.

It was still quite the surprise to John to know that Doreen had plans to give John a large chunk, a half a million euros, of her winnings. His son, who was also part of the win, is also giving John a half a million euros.

Milkman’s Life Changed From Ex-Wife Winning UK Lotto

John, who has been a milkman for about 30 years, was extremely appreciative of the generosity shown by his ex-wife. ‘It is typical of Doreen’s generosity that she’s thought of everyone else before herself.’

John, 59, plans to retire after spending most of his career making 20,000 euros per year. The combined one million euros from both his ex-wife and son will give John about 50 times his annual salary.

Doreen seemed to be super appreciative of John making her lunch every Sunday and felt the need to pay him back in some way, ‘I see him every week for Sunday lunch. He makes a lovely dinner.’

It’s almost as if this is a love story even after divorce the way the two of them show their appreciativeness and generosity towards each other. It’s definitely a story we can all take something out of.

Doreen also mentioned that she plans to give away about 1.5 million of her UK lotto winnings to family members and charity.


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