Golden Hill resident wins SuperLotto Plus jackpot worth $11 million

SuperLotto Plus

Now that the Powerball jackpot was finally won and three players shared $448 million before taxes, the enthusiasm for the aforementioned lottery is dwindling. Until the jackpot will be rolled over several times for another record amount to be up for grabs, lottery enthusiasts can rejoice knowing that one of their peers from Golden Hill California won $11 million. The player purchased a SuperLotto Plus ticket at the local liquor store and now lottery officials wait for him to step forward and claim his prize.

Record amount for the SuperLotto Plus

The price of a SuperLotto Plus slip is lower than what a Powerball ticket costs, but there is also a difference between the amount that can be won. Nevertheless $11 million is not a sum to frown upon and the one who bought the ticket at the convenience store has plenty of reasons to be thrilled. The winning numbers were 5, 7, 14, 44, 46 and the Mega Number was 27 with the draw taking place on Saturday night. Naturally, everyone is talking about the jackpot which is worth $11 million before taxes and slightly above $5 million after all legal contributions are paid.

Still, lottery officials told the media that a total of 130,000 SuperLotto Plus tickets were winners this weekend and their owners will collect lower amounts. The luckiest players were the ones who matched five numbers out of six and will receive in excess of $11,000. Four players from Huntington Beach, Cyprus, Ventura and Artesia achieved this performance and all of them will collect a five digit amount. The same goes for the lottery vendor who sold the ticket and who will receive a bonus of 0.5% which translates into $55,000.

Keep your SuperLotto Plus tickets nearby

Lottery officials reminded players to keep their tickets within reach and when deciding for a safe place, to make sure they don’t forget about it. Thousands of winning tickets are not claimed every year, simply because their rightful owners fail to check the winning numbers after the draw takes place. They have no idea that they were lucky enough to match some or all the numbers and so the profits go to waste.

Whether they remember about the ticket after the prizes expire or throw them away outright, it is a shame to forsake a once-in-a-lifetime chance. Only a few days have passed since the SuperLotto Plus made its latest millionaire, so there is plenty of time for the winner to step forward and claim his prize. Nevertheless, players are instructed not to waste time and wait until the very last moment but instead sign their ticket and even make a copy. All these precautions are not excessive, because when the stakes are this high you can never be too safe.

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