Hair stylists lottery group fights over lottery winning ticket

Lottery group

Another proof that lottery money doesn’t always bring happiness was recently served in Indianapolis where a lottery group made of hair stylists took their case to trial. What should have been a reason of joy and celebration turned into a vicious scandal, after a coworker refused to share the prize. She claimed that the winning ticket was purchased with her own money, hence she is entitled to keep the entire amount. This was the seed that sparked the outrage and now the former colleagues are hoping that justice will be served and they will split the $9.5 million.

The lottery group filed a restraining order

The seven women who work as hair stylists at the famous Lou’s Creative Styles in Indianapolis set up a lottery group that was supposed to work as a syndicate. For many years things went as planned with one of the members being in charge of purchasing lottery tickets, but things took a turn for the worse when least expected. The one who was responsible for acquiring tickets, claim that the winning one was bought with her own money, hence refused to share the newfound wealth with her former colleagues.

As she no longer works at the hairstylist salon and refuses to talk to either the media or other members of the lottery group, her colleagues filed a restraining order to freeze the cash while the court battle is raging. They’ve hired a reputable attorney who now does his best to prove that his clients are entitled to receive a share of the $9.5 million. It will be the task of a Marion County judge to decide whether the seven hairstylists are right, or if the money should go to the one who actually bought the tickets.

Lottery officials have their hands tied

While the lottery group is trying to win the legal battle, lottery officials say that they don’t know the identity of the one who acquired the ticket and that they wait for the case to be solved. As far as they are concerned, they can’t do anything as long as the restraining order is active, but say that once the situation is resolved, they will give the money to whoever presents them the winning ticket.

The case is fairly complicated, and not even the lottery group’s attorney knows exactly how many tickets were purchased by the woman delegated by the syndicate to perform this task. Since there is only a verbal agreement between the buyer and the other members of the lottery group, it would be very difficult to prove their relation in court. The other hairstylists are concerned that their former colleague purchased the tickets with syndicate money, which would make all of them eligible for a portion of the jackpot.

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