History In the France Lottery

France Lottery Winners

This is rarely a feature of any lottery draw where one gets to witness a jackpot winner who has won twice in the same France Lotto. This winner hails from the Southern city of Montpellier. This is indeed the luckiest victory ever seen in lottery history.

There has never yet been any such record made in the history of France where there has been the same winner twice with the same lucky draw numbers. It is uncanny and will be remembered in history for a long time. This winner had his first France Lotto win in the year 1996 for a grand amount of €2.8 million. The winner, who wishes to remain anonymous, had continued to use the same numbers ever since the France Lotto was first introduced to lottery players in the country. He kept playing those numbers even after he won the jackpot. These numbers were chosen completely at random.

He never lost faith and in spite of losing after the jackpot he kept going with the same numbers. This Wednesday’s draw of the France Lotto revealed the very same numbers that had him win in the 1966 jackpot and he now has won a staggering of € 3 million. He still plans to carry on planning. There might just be a third time, he hopes.

In spite of the odds that generally are against you while playing the lotto, this win gives hope for the rest of the France lotto players to keep going.


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