EuroMillions Winner Could Influence the Scottish Referendum Outcome

EuroMillions winners

The balance is set to tilt to the Scotland National Party side as a EuroMillions winner joined forces with the party. Colins Weir, a 2011 Euro Millions jackpot winner has been a long time supporter of the Scotland National Party (SNP), a party seeking for the political autonomy of Scotland. Colins together with his wife Christine, won a whopping £161million in a last year’s Euro Million draw.

The Daily Record UK, reports that Colins had donated £1 Million to the party after a casual visit to the first minister, Alex Salmond. With the huge financial power that Colins has, opinion makers believe that this is what SNP requires for a victory in the forthcoming referendum.

The SNP is in the race to be the political party that will decide Scotland’s future. This will be done through a well-oiled and funded campaign machinery that will lead it to a landslide victory. With Scotland National Party coffers well loaded, the party can now ‘afford’ to win.

If the SNP party delivers the independence of Scotland, Colins Weir will be the single most important factor that secured independence. So far, Weir’s one million Euro  donation  is the largest ever made to the party in the span of 77 years it has been in existence. With this, the party has been able to move from bankruptcy to being one of the richest political parties in Scotland.

The EuroMillions is a popular lottery game played by nine European countries. International players can take part in the lottery by playing EuroMillions online.


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