Illinois Lottery makes single mother a millionaire

Illinois Lottery

A popular saying states that the rich get richer while those struggling financially get poorer, and some argue that way too often lottery games are won by those who are already rich. Although the odds of winning increase when you purchase more tickets, they are still crushing and lucky players can easily scoop the major jackpot by purchasing a single slip. Illinois Lottery provides the latest example, as a hard-working single mom from the state recently became a millionaire by scooping the jackpot on Wednesday.

The fastest way out of poverty

Being a single mom without a college degree, meant that Andi Harden had to work several jobs just to support herself and her daughter. She spent long hours selling products in a convenience store, worked at a gas station and as a masseuse, trying to make enough money for covering living expenses. It goes without saying that she thought twice before spending a few dollars for purchasing the ticket for the Illinois Lottery, but this was an inspired decision that changed everything overnight.

She bought the ticket from a gas station and checked out the potential winnings right there, only to discover that she won the $1,040,000 jackpot offered by Illinois Lottery. Instead of screaming, cheering or bursting into tears, she simply froze contemplating the ways in which her life will change as a result of winning this prize. May seems to be a good month for single moms, as just a few weeks ago a woman from Southern California scooped a huge jackpot worth $14 million after buying a SuperLotto Plus ticket.

A just reward for a hard-working person

All those who know Andi Harden said that this couldn’t have possibly happened to a better person, as she worked really hard and was entitled to catch a lucky break. The kind words in conjunction with the sizable amount won in the Illinois Lottery, makes her feel special and opens brand-new perspectives for Andi. She intends to use a portion of the money to buy the house she is living in and to pay for her daughter’s college education, but she doesn’t intend to quit her job.

In fact she will take advantage of the opportunity to better herself as she intends to go to college as well, to earn a masseuse degree. It is not yet certain what job she intends to keep, but it is only safe to assume that she won’t have to juggle between different assignments just to stay afloat. The Illinois Lottery changed her life for good and if she succeeds in earning a college degree, the investment in her own education will pay off in multiple ways.

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