Increased ticket sales increase Powerball lottery jackpot to $320M

Powerball news

The excitement around Wednesday nights Powerball draw could only be explained by the official’s announcement that the Jackpot would be higher than expected. This situation came about after ticket sales soured pushing up the Jackpot prize up for grabs. The new jackpot value put this Powerball draw up on the US history charts as the 11th highest Jackpot up for grabs.

And the news is that one lucky ticket took home the coveted Jackpot. This means once the winner comes forward they will take home $213.3 million. Another 9 ticket holders managed to match 5 of the drawn numbers taking home $1 million. Only one of the tickets that was purchased in Nebraska had been bought with the power play option. All eyes are now waiting for the ticket holder from Michigan to come forward and claim their prize.

The Powerball jackpot has rolled fourteen times to hit this historical mark. Officials had intimated that should the Jackpot not be won this Wednesday night, then the next Jackpot could be much, much higher. This is because according to recent observed trends ticket buyers rush during the last couple of hours before the draw to buy their tickets.

The excitement around the game has greatly increased since early this year when the power play option was introduced. Tickets cost $2 and $3 if you activate the power play option. The option automatically increases your winnings depending on which tier you are. The power play option is only available for non jackpot prizes.


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