Indiana Lottery News – Facts One Should Know

Indiana Hoosier Lotto

Well-versed lottery players of the Indiana Lottery are aware of all the basic features of the lottery. However, for the players who are new and unaware, the Indiana Lottery News does the job of providing the necessary details. Players who are above the age of 18 are eligible to play the lottery. The wide varieties that it offers makes it as well as an art form. For players who can’t wait for days to see the results there is the option of Daily 3 and Daily 4 lotteries wherein the results are declared on that very day. For the more impatient lot the scratch card lottery is the best, as prizes up to $600 can be claimed from the retailer on the spot states the Indiana Lottery News.

The state lottery called the Hoosier Lottery has Lotto jackpots starting from a million dollars in the first draw. However, as the draws increase with no clear winner in the prize money goes up by $50,000 per draw. Prizes, which are above $50,000, can be claimed only at the Hoosier Lottery headquarters. This headquarters is a great place to get Indiana Lottery News too. The Power Ball Lotto of Indiana is one of the biggest lotteries in the world and the jackpot starts from $15 million.


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