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Indiana Lottery

Here at you will find the latest lottery news about the Indiana Lottery.
The Indiana lottery can be played by anyone above the age of eighteen. The instant and daily varieties are very popular and these are daily 3, Daily 4 and Lucky 5. The state runs its own lottery and it is called the Hoosier Lottery. The Indiana Lottery News confirms that prizes above 50,000 dollars can only be claimed at the Hoosier Lottery Center in Indianapolis.
The big interstate lottery of course is the Powerball Lotto. The jackpot starts from $15 million and is kept rolling till won by somebody. So do try your luck in the state and you will see your name in the Indiana Lottery News.

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Indiana lottery can be played by anyone who is above eighteen years of age. The daily varieties are very popular as results are declared instantly. Some of the daily varieties are the Daily3, Daily 4 and the Lucky 5. The state of Indiana also runs its own lottery, which is called the Hoosier lottery. Prizes above 50,000 dollars can be won and claimed at the Hoosier lottery Center that is located in Indianapolis. The biggest Indiana lottery is the interstate Powerball lotto with the jackpot starting from $15 million and piling on with each passing day till a winner is declared.


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