Injured roofer regards UK Lotto jackpot a godsend

UK Lotto

For a roofer to suffer a leg injury equals to be out of work for a lengthy period of time and this is exactly what happened to Stuart Hunt. The 33 years old tore a knee ligament when playing with his kids and was unable to work for more than two months. Over this period of time he had to do the best with his savings, but fortunately for him and his family Lady Luck smiled benevolently upon him. He won the UK Lotto jackpot worth £3.6million, a real godsend that can help him turn his life around and even quit work.

Full recovery is now the priority

For someone who depends on his job to provide for his family, it is incredibly frustrating to be confined to a chair and wait for his ligaments to heal. Unfortunately for Mr. Hunt, there is nothing more for him to do and the two months seemed longer and frustration mounted as money was running low. The two of them had just enough saved to weather this storm and fortunately for them, they found the resources to diverge a couple of pounds to purchase tickets for the UK Lotto.

In fact, it was his sister who actually bought the tickets at his recommendation and now the happy couple has £3.6 million to spend. It goes without saying that financial worries are just a memory now and Stuart can focus exclusively on his recovery, while contemplating possible investments. He can take his time and wait for his ligaments to heal completely before climbing any rooftop, although he is not certain that he will return to the job. Real estate looks particularly attractive to him and with all these millions he might take a leap of faith and invest.

Family holidays on the horizon

Not so long ago, a British survey showed that most UK Lotto winners choose to spend a portion of the money on holidays and Florida is the most popular destination. Stuart Hunt and his partner Nicky Martin are very likely to confirm these statistics as they plan on taking their kids to Disney World. They also intend to buy a new home and the winner jokingly told the media that in this particular case he plans on leaving the workers to take care of the roof while he will just oversee the entire project.

The numbers that made him a millionaire were 1, 11, 12, 13, 35, 42 but the winner didn’t say if they have any significance to him or if he used the quick pick system. This is less important now, because what truly matters is for the lucky couple to make the most of their UK Lotto jackpot. Nicky and Stuart are aware of the risks and intend to stay grounded to avoid the fate of other lottery winners who lost it all.

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