Iowa Lottery releases names of Jackpot winner

Finally, the anonymous names of the 20 Iowa Powerball players have been released. The Powerball winners had suggested for their identities to be hidden but finally its out. This had been the case, and for the last month, this was hidden to public.

Last month the shipping workers who had their jobs at Cedar Rapids Quaker hit a jackpot of $241 million in the Iowa lottery. This created a fuss because they delayed for quite some time to releasing the names to the public. The public were agitated to know who the winners of the jackpot were.

The group of shipping workers turned in the winning ticket and sought to keep their identities private. They went ahead to filling the injunction form where it was necessary so as not to be published in the by the different media forms.

They preferred privacy to keep away people from asking about the money but this dint matter to the Iowa state. The state always vies the winner of the lottery as public information. The people had to know who won the jackpot.  Thus, the state dint have any intention of keeping their names as a secrete

The 20 shipping workers were allowed to file an injunction, but their names were going to be released after a period of ten days. This grace period of ten days of keeping them a secret from the public ended on Friday morning thus releasing the names.

Tried hard to keeping their names a secret, the names can be found on the official Powerball website.


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