Irish player wins record EuroMillions jackpot

EuroMillions jackpot

New regulations state that the EuroMillions jackpot gets capped at €190 million, but for 2 lucky winners from Belgium and Ireland this wasn’t necessary. They won the main prize before it hit the threshold and will split a total amount of €187 million. Lottery officials didn’t disclose the identity of either winners and refused to inform the media where the tickets were sold, but it is certain that the winners are Irish and Belgian. Each of them will receive roughly €94 million and they have one year to claim the prize.

Irish winner contacts National Lottery

While very few information has transpired about the Belgian winner, National Lottery officials told the media that the Irish winner got in touch with them. He presented the winning ticket and this was validated but refused to have his identity or location disclosed, and the officials respect his decision. The EuroMillions jackpot is the second largest ever to be won and will grant the two winners access to the exclusivist club of millionaires. According to lottery representatives, this prize will make the player from Ireland the 96th wealthiest person in the country.

Other lottery players are interested in determining whether the ticket was purchased by an individual or a lottery syndicate, as many top prizes are frequently won by lottery groups. Even if this EuroMillions jackpot would be split among several winners there is plenty of money to go around and all of them would get a generous slice of the cake. Lottery vendors are equally curious about where the winning ticket was sold, because a prize of €25,000 is going to be presented to the vendor. It is only a matter of time until the news gets out and the lucky seller will cash in his prize.

EuroMillions jackpot rolled over for a month

The last time the main prize was won one month ago and since then nobody matches the winning numbers in the first category. This caused the EuroMillions jackpot to be rolled over several times until it reached this high amount, and the number of people purchasing tickets increases as a result. A total of 84,000 players from Ireland will divide the prizes corresponding to lower tier categories, while almost €5 million will be paid to good causes. Those who haven’t checked the lucky numbers should know that they are 4, 5, 13, 27 and 35 with the special balls having the numbers 1 and 2 inscribed on their surface.

The winners get to keep all the money as the EuroMillions jackpot is tax-free, unlike Powerball and Mega Millions jackpot which are subject to taxation. This is the fourth time that the winner is someone from Ireland, with the last to scoop a EuroMillions prize being a family from Carrickbeg five years ago. Dolores McNamara holds the record for the highest prize ever to be won by an Irish player, as she won €115 million back in 2005.

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