Israeli, Donated to Synagogue and Wins Lottery

Israeli, Donated to Synagogue and Wins Lottery

It was Sabbath, so he has to wait for it to be over before he can check his lotto ticket. The day after, he took his ticket and check on the winning result as presented in the televised program before. One matching number, two matching numbers, three, four and his heart started pounding fast. He has to call his brother because his guts strongly tell him that he is going to be a lottery jackpot prize winner.

Another ordinary day had passed for a Southern Israeli father when he slept with the positive vibes that there will be a bountiful return in exchange of his 1800 shekels ($470) that he donated during Yom Kippur. It was true. Not after so many days his 1800 shekels multiplied and became 18 million shekels ($4.7 million).

This father of two children is another instant millionaire in Israel because of the lottery. Being more than 40 years old, it is never too late for him to get on some luxuries anybody has longed for. His faith and belief that HaShem returned a favor for what he has donated in the synagogue relieves his struggle of his family’s finances.  Now he can pay all his debts and save a huge amount for his children’s future. He is also planning to buy a more comfortable home for them.


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