IT Guru becomes a millionaire

EuroMillions winner

After purchasing a ticket online and forgetting about it Alex Wheatly logged onto his tablet nearly a week later to find that he had indeed won a million in the one hundred millionaire’s lucky draw. He said that since he usually plays online, he tends to forget about the lottery and only checked much later if he was lucky or not. This time round he got a pleasant surprise.

Alex Wheatly who still stays at home with his parents and sister said that he was planning a few big treats for his sister, a boy’s weekend away in Germany and to pay off his parent’s mortgage. He will also buy a house and move with his sister. He said that his friends and family received the news well and were happy for him.

As excitement around the Olympic Games continues, so does the tension remain high as once again the EuroMillions jackpot was not won. Tuesday night saw a lot more anticipation as the jackpot cap had been reached. This means that the draw Friday night still remains at a whopping £190 million. Should the Jack pot not be won this Friday again it means that come Tuesday 14th August, the second tier winners will get a chance to split the jackpot. This makes the euro millions the most watched draw in recent days.

Be sure to buy your ticket to participate in Fridays draw and avoid the last minute rush. Don’t miss your chance to be a millionaire.


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