Italian Lottery Players Enthusiastic about the €81 Million SuperEnaLotto Jackpot


The lottery fever is high in Italy as lottery player eagerly wait for the 81 Million Euros SuperEnalotto jackpot. The jackpot comes hardly a week after the historic Mega Million draw worth a staggering $656 million dollar. The lottery world will have to wait and see if lottery players will match the winning numbers that will feature in tonight’s draw.

Lottery officials estimate that in the run up of today’s draw, lottery players have spent an estimated € 4 million on a daily basis. This makes it an accumulative € 432 spent in the run up of the lottery draw. The last time that players of the Italian lotto matched all the illusive six numbers was six months ago. The Italians are among the most avid lottery players in the world.

This is the reason why players have decided to challenge the 1 in 622 million odds of winning the SuperEnalotto jackpot. For now, players to the SuperEnalotto will have to keep their fingers crossed and hope this time they hold the winning ticket that will catapult them to a millionaire status.

The last SuperEnalotto winning number was 11, 34, 55, 63, 87, 89 while the Jolly and the  Super Star Numbers were 6 and 83 respectively.

The SuperEnalotto is a popular lottery that began in the 1950’s. The cost of each SuperEnalotto ticket is two Euros for two tries. Players around the world can participate by playing the SuperEnaLotto online from online lottery agents.


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