Italian lottery still has no winner


The Italian Lottery still hasn’t got a winner which means that players throughout the country still have the hope of making it to the bumper jackpot. The country also does not participate in the Euromillions Lottery which means Italian lottery players will miss out on the opportunity of winning the Friday’s jackpot of 105 million Euros.

The SuperEnaLotto numbers of last night were 2-32-49-52-54-80 & the jolly number or the bonus ball was 90. The person who won the biggest prize matched five numbers & won a whopping 92,197 Euros. With the declaration of the result the SuperEnaLotto will roll again & this time the jackpot has been increased to 33.6 million Euros.

Italian Lottery is so popular because of the very high & almost mind boggling prize money they offer. The SuperEnaLotto Italy is one of the toughest lotteries in the world to win & that is the reason that makes it so popular among the lottery players of the world. But the fact that it is one of the toughest does not stop the ever hopeful lottery players from trying out their luck & match those five numbers which could change their lives forever. The next SuperEnaLotto draw will take place Thursday evening. So all those lottery players out there who do not hesitate to try their luck on winning the jackpot, go ahead & try it this time again. You never know this time it could be you going home with that money you always desired to have.


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