Jackpot Winner Charged with Welfare Fraud

Michigan Lottery

Winning the lottery is often the end of financial constraints to the jackpot winners. Most winners decide to quit their job, invest the money and live from the returns of their investments. In a strange twist, a lottery winner who won a million dollars on a game show but still depended on welfare support for upkeep.

It may be hard to believe but Amanda Clayton, a 25 single parent of one, still depended on food stamp for her food despite winning the jackpot from Michigan lottery. To add the burden to the rest of the taxpayers, she also depended on public health insurance for her medical needs.  She did so in eight months and only stopped after she was exposed by a Detroit TV station.

The Michigan state spends roughly 250 times the size of her jackpot for the state’s food assistance program. Amanda is currently facing charges of welfare fraud and if found guilty she will face up to four years in prison. She is currently out on a $1000 cash bail.

This case has made the state draft a law requiring that lottery companies have to notify the State’s Human service department whenever anyone wins at least $1000 in the lottery. Amanda’s case isn’t the first time that a jackpot winner cheated the Michigan state. Leroy Rick a $850,000 jackpot winner also continued depending on the state assistance despite his newly found fortune.

Playing the lottery should be your way to financial stability not welfare dependence. Unfortunately, Amanda Clayton will have to learn this the hard way.


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