Jackpot winning couple almost changed the numbers to their ticket

Jackpot winning couple

Picking up the winning numbers to your lottery ticket can at time be a daunting task even for an avid lottery player. You often feel uncertain that the change of your lottery numbers may just be the tiny bit that might lead to you hitting the lottery jackpot. This is what Graham Muir and his partner Darren Morgan felt after choosing their lottery ticket numbers.

The couple has been playing the lottery religiously for the past five years  using the same numbers. Apart from a few £10 prizes, the numbers had never given them a huge lottery prize. It is for this reason that they felt tempted to change the lottery numbers for their next lottery ticket. Fortunately, they were playing a lottery subscription service and hence they felt that the change might inconvenience the National Lottery fast payment card in the future tickets.

They decided to play their usual numbers, 18, 22, 25, 35, 39 and 41. As luck would have it, the numbers came up as the winning number combination for the May 2 draw. This made the couple £856,640 richer. According to the couple, the decision not to change their usual lottery numbers was probably the best decision they have made in their life.

On how they will spend the cash, the couple has already ordered a Range Rover as one of the spoils to their victory. The couple will still keep their old jobs and will travel by bus to their jobs while they wait for their Range Rover to arrive.


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