Jamaican Lottery Scam Mastermind nabbed

The Jamaican Lottery scam has featured much in the news in the past several months. Several unsuspecting victims had fallen prey to the scammers antics and were scammed off thousands of dollars. In what appear as a major breakthrough in taming the scam, the Jamaican police have in their custody one of the masterminds of the scam.

The mastermind, who is a popular political activist, was arrested in a crackdown that arrested more than 28 people suspected to be having a hand at the lucrative scam. In addition to the arrest, the Jamaican police seized several luxurious vehicle believed to be owned by the lottery scam mastermind. The raid was part of a series of crackdown that were specifically planned to nab the lottery scammers.

The police believe that with one of the Lottery mastermind in their custody, the instances of cases of lottery scams originating from the Caribbean nation are likely to decline. The lottery scammers were fleecing their victims as much as $120,000 per week. The police will continue with the raids until the cases of lottery scams seize in the Island nation.

The action by the police has spread fear among the remaining lottery scammers. This has resulted to the scammers seeking creative ways to get their assets out of the police eyes. The police are optimistic that with the current efforts and pressure on the lottery scammers the idea of a scammer free Jamaica isn’t farfetched.


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