Japanese Thieves Steal Thousands of Lottery Tickets

Lottery theft

Winning the lottery remains a dream for many people who purchase tickets every week, but very few end up picking the lucky ticket and have their lives change for the better. Given the low cost of a ticket, they don’t regard this weekly expense as a burden to their budget, and persevere in their attempt. Others seek their fortune elsewhere, while a select few think about alternatives that would not even cross the minds of reasonable and law-abiding citizens.

A shortcut to jail

A Japanese painter named Shigeru Aikoh thought that he found an easier way to win at lottery by stealing thousands of tickets instead of purchasing them. He didn’t bother in choosing one lottery over another, but chose to grab pretty much everything that he could find in the lotto shacks. As the police investigation eventually revealed, most of these were scratched and win tickets that the thieves hoped to generate a large amount of money. If we were to believe what Shigeru Aikoh told the authorities, the overwhelming majority of these tickets were worthless as he didn’t win much.

While it is difficult to accurately estimate which were the expectations that this thief had prior to committing the robberies, the police states that he still won thousands of dollars. Many of those who read the articles in the local Japanese newspapers found the story amusing and were wondering what would Mr. Shigeru do if he would’ve won a large prize. Conspiracy theorists on the other hand, found the story much to their liking as they got another chance of proving their friends that winning at lotto is impossible.

Stay positive and enjoy the game

The thief was in fact only a tiny wheeled in a larger group of criminals, who broke into a bunch of tobacco shops and orthopedic clinics in addition to the aforementioned lotto shacks. Perhaps the villains were looking for a way out of their misery and chose to add a lottery vendor on their list, expecting that one of the tickets will turn them into millionaires. While Shigeru Aikoh failed to discover a get rich soon scheme and his attempt led him to jail, players shouldn’t let the news have a deterring effect on their resolve to play the lottery.

You don’t need to purchase hundreds of tickets or even worse, steal them as Aikoh did to win the jackpot. If some conclusions can be drawn from this incident, then one of them surely is to rely exclusively on luck and acquire only as many tickets as you can afford. If you are to win, one ticket is enough, if not even hundreds won’t make the difference.


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