Latest EuroJackpot millionaire is Finnish


The most recent EuroJackpot winner comes from Finland and for his achievements of matching all the winning numbers, he scooped a prize of €21.3 million. Ever since this lottery was introduced in Finland, the number of players rose and it is now a serious rival of the more popular EuroMillions lottery. Right now, the jackpots count in the tens of millions, but given its structure it is well possible that if the winner is not decided after several consecutive draws, the total amount could eventually hit €90 million.

Finnish players do it again

This is not the first time that the EuroJackpot is won by a player from Finland, as just a couple of months ago, someone from the same country won an equally impressive jackpot. To make things even more interesting, both winners live in the province of Southern Ostrobothnia, so it is only fair to say that this is one lucky area for lottery players.

Back in January when the Finnish player from the town of Seinäjoki won the EuroJackpot, the immediate consequence was a spike in the number of tickets sold. There is no reason to expect anything different now that another player from this province won in excess of €21 million. He purchased a ticket for the most recent Friday drawing and matched all seven winning numbers, so a couple of days later, the resident of Teuva was credited the prize. The evaluation of his ticket was done in Germany, but this caused no unnecessary delay, as the entire process is done electronically.

Better odds of winning the jackpot

Most lottery players are overly concerned about the sheer size of the jackpot and sometimes they forget about the odds of actually winning the prize. This is one reason for why the EuroMillions is preferred by players from the old continent, but the EuroJackpot has a distinct advantage over its counterpart. By comparison, the jackpot starts at €10 million and can be only rolled over up to €90 million, but the odds of winning it are one in 60 million, almost 3 times better than the chances to win the EuroMillions.

An interesting fact about the EuroJackpot is that organizers decided to remove the rolldown clause which caused the prize to be rolled down if nobody won the jackpot for 12 weeks in a row. Lottery players were obviously not thrilled with the prospect of having their prize reduced, but fortunately this is no longer the case as this provision was removed. Among the countries that have recently applied and were accepted in the EuroJackpot lottery are Spain, Estonia, Norway, Sweden and Lithuania. The good news is that players of all the countries that are affiliated with this lottery have a personalized website to visit and buy tickets.

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