Lottery Edge in Online Tickets in Illinois

Illinois Lottery

Illinois is set out for selling lottery tickets online. This is superseded from the statement of the state’s Lottery Superintendent Michael Jones, who is anticipating for the realization of the plan in three to four months time. According to him, online tickets can generate more lottery income that can extend help to the financial needs of the state.
Selling lottery tickets online has been considered a regulated gambling activity as cleared by the US Department of Justice. Despite having the online lottery regulation, state officials still wait for the signal from the higher government to proceed with the activity.

The idea of selling lottery tickets online came up when the Department of Justice released a statement before the holiday weekend that gambling online can be legalized as long as they are state-regulated. It is therefore a green light for the state officials to consider selling tickets online for Illinois Lottery.

Jones disclosed that a meeting is set in 10 days regarding the final proceedings of the online gambling set-up. The availability of online tickets will be immediately available afterwards.

The officials are currently looking into the website security of the online tickets and they are planning on some procedures on how to ensure that players are over 18 years of age and are all Illinoisans. Jones also stressed out that available tickets are limited to Lotto, Mega Millions and Powerball games online.

Once the lottery tickets online is ready for the public, Illinois state officials also wait for the approval of more gambling facilities to be constructed in several spots. These include video gambling machines in selected bars, casinos in Lake County and Chicago and slot machines in Arlington Park.


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