Lottery millionaire charged with murder

Lottery millionaire

Freddy Young, a lottery millionaire from Detroit, has been charged with first degree murder by the police. He is accused of killing Greg McNicol, allegedly over a few hundred dollars in overdue rent money that Young’s daughter owed.
Young is part of the US Postal Service employees’ group who won a share of $1.8 million in the $93 million Mega Millions jackpot in February. Greg McNicol, on the other hand, was a landowner in Detroit hailing from Australia. He was some sort of “hero” in Detroit since he took over many rundown properties in the city & created a better living condition for the tenants.
According to the Detroit police the likely reason behind Young shooting McNicol was his anger. According to the police Young did not have any criminal record, but he had a “pretty bad temper”.
Lieutenant Blackmont of the Detroit police confirmed that Young was arrested on Saturday & during questioning, he confessed to the murder of Greg McNicol.
McNicol (45) moved to the US from Australia about 12 years back & in February he purchased a run down 10 unit apartment complex in Detroit. Tenants praised McNicol since he worked hard to renovate the complex & gave them a better living condition.
Young on the other hand was part of a 13 member P1 Gold Lottery Club that had one of the two winning tickets of the 4th February Mega Millions Jackpot. The tenants of the apartment allege that Young drove up to the apartment in his car & pulled out his silver colt .45 & shot McNicol in the groin & left him to bleed to death. To check what lottery winners do with their winnings check our articles at

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