Lottery Player hits $3.43 million Idaho Lottery jackpot

Idaho Lottery jackpot

Nampa’s Bob Colson was the lucky lottery. He won $3.43 million Friday from the challenging lotto game of Idaho lottery. The ticket  awarder to him on Wed, May 27 matched all the five winning numbers  and the Hot Ball.

“I only get that thrilled over a whole lot of money! I couldn’t believe what I saw that I decided to wake everybody up!” agitated Colson, a retired U.S.A Military expert with 22 years of assistance, a journey of job during the first Gulf War and a Green Center individual. “I must have examined them 20 times and still can’t believe it.

There can be definitely no way all the statistics were the same, No way! This is the first hot jackpot victor ever in Idaho lottery record. The jackpot winner plans to take a one-time his huge sum award of $2,675,029.86.He is thinking of taking his dad and the rest of the family on the sport fishing journey of a lifetime to Canada, assist the Injured Enthusiast soldiers, and then develop his desire motorbike and commit it to the deceased military in Iraq.

“I’m going to cope with my family and my buddies, then save the rest,” he said. The successful jackpot winning lottery ticket was bought at the Jacksons Meals Shop in the area of Caldwell Blvd and Midland Road in Nampa, where Colson is a frequent client. For their part in promoting the big jackpot feature successful admission, Jacksons will obtain a $20,000 extra from the Idaho lottery for promoting the game.


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