Lottery Player Misses Out on the £38m EuroMillions payout


Lottery Syndicates are a great way to increase your chances of winning the lottery. However, there is nothing more painful than pulling out on your lottery syndicates and your syndicates goes ahead to win the lottery. This is exactly what happened to Hazel Loveday. Hazel, a Briton, pulled out of her lottery syndicates just six months before syndicates won the £38m EuroMillions cash payout.

The winning syndicate is composed of twelve drivers who are Hazels’ workmates. The unfortunate part of the incident is that Hazel was unable to afford her contribution to the syndicate. To add more insult to the Injury the single mother of one got to know about the winning while she was admitted to hospital. She described the feeling as ‘devastating’.

Charles Connor, one of the syndicate winners was quoted saying that he felt sorry for Hazel, but syndicate rules dictate that members must have contributed to the syndicate in order to deserve a share. This was despite that Hazel was an original member of the syndicate and had contributed to the syndicate religiously for the past three years.

Meanwhile, each member of the syndicate is in to receive £3,169,553 of the cash payout. The twelve-member syndicate is currently in a luxurious hotel while the EuroMillions officials finalize the preparations for the twelve to go public about their newly found fortune.

How they will spend their winnings? Mr. Noakes, a member of the syndicate will buy his wife “anything” she desires and plans to swap his Nissan for an Aston Martin. The rest of the syndicate winners did not have immediate plans for their winnings but taking care of their families is high on their priority lists.


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