Lottery player strikes lucky three times in a day

Lottery player

Lightning never strikes the same place twice and lottery winners rarely get the chance to scoop another prize, at least not a significant one. There are some cases of players who get lucky for several times in a row while playing scratch card lottery, with John Alford being the latest winner. The 76-year-old bought a scratch card from a local lottery store and won £2, so he used the money to purchase a new Thunderball ticket and this brought him a prize of £5.

The latest National Lottery millionaire

Inspired by his successful run, John purchased the third ticket for the National Lottery and this was the most inspired decision he made that week. Although he had to wait for the Saturday draw, it was all worth it because the lucky dip ticket turned him into a millionaire. He scooped the jackpot of £1,437,220 which equals slightly more than $2 million and he will receive a bit more than half as he chose the lump payment. For a winner who is 76 years old, it makes perfect sense to opt in for the one-time payment, as the odds are stacked against him to live long enough to receive a 20 year annuity.

His wife is just as old and they have very few long-term plans that can be impaired by the recent winnings, although the significant amount can change the lives of those close to them. As former national lottery statistics suggest, most winners choose to travel to Florida immediately after receiving the money and that’s exactly what the lucky couple is about to do. For at least two weeks, they’ll forget about the cold weather in England and unwind on a sunny beach in Florida together with 20 family members.

Relocation is out of the question

Among the top investment that lottery winners do with their money is the acquisition of a new property and a larger house, something that the Alfords won’t do. They have no intention to leave Trowbridge, as they have lived their entire lives in this community. They like the fact that they know everybody and everybody knows them. All those close to them live in the same town and their current house is large enough to accommodate the two of them, therefore only small home improvements will be made.

The winner confesses the fact that he was on the verge of leaving the long queue at Asda and buy the tickets from their regular lottery store Fortunately for him, he was patient enough to wait for those in front of him to purchase the tickets, and the lucky dip made him a millionaire. He just beat the odds of one in 116 million and now can truly enjoy a peaceful retirement, and afford all those things that he dreamed of.

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