Lottery Player tests Lottery Odds by winning a Million dollars twice on the same day


Most lottery players only get to win a big lottery once in their lifetime. However, there are extremely lucky people who go on and win the lottery jackpot twice or even thrice in their lifetime. If you find this hard to believe, this story will reaffirm the belief that taking chances might totally change the course of your life.

Virginia Fike, a lottery player from Clarke County, Virginia defied the odds and matched the winning numbers on two of the tickets she bought from a lottery agent. She did this by accident as she had intended to purchase a Powerball and Mega Millions ticket and play the same numbers on each ticket.

However, as luck would have it, she played the numbers 5-13-17-20-30 on two Powerball ticket and accidentally forgot about the Mega Millions ticket. She knew of this mistake later and waited to see the outcome. She later got to know that her tickets had the winning numbers and each ticket was worth one million dollars.

She is an extremely lucky player as the odds of matching five of the Powerball numbers stands at 1 in 5,153,632.65. Most of the winning numbers she chose were from the wedding date of her parents as she always had a feeling that they will one day bring her luck. Virginia, plans to use part of the money to clear her bill and invest the rest.

She will continue playing the lottery, as she still believes that her lottery luck is yet to run out.


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