Lottery Player Turns a $2 Investment into 70 Million Dollars


It is quite hard to picture your $2 Dollar investment turning into 70 Million dollars. Most will take such a success story to be a hoax or a scam to swindle you of your cash. However, this is exactly what happened to Joseph Tamburello a Powerball player after buying a $2 dollar Powerball ticket and later winning 70 Million dollars in the Powerball lottery.

He made this life-changing move while buying drugs from his local pharmacy in Tinton Falls, New Jersey. For fifteen consecutive years, he has been an avid lottery player and has purchased lottery tickets religiously at the Little Silver Family Pharmacy. Joe, as close family members know him, got to know of his winning after her sister notified her that the winning Powerball ticket was purchased at the Little Silver Family Pharmacy.

After receiving the news, Joe checked his ticket and indeed, he was the lucky Powerball winner. He immediately notified his wife and the excitement spread through the entire households.  The lottery winnings come at a time when Joe is planning to celebrate his 15-year marriage anniversary with his wife Celeste.

Joe, a computer consultant does not plan to quit his job immediately but plans on cutting back hours to find more time for managing his newly found wealth. The couple has no immediate plans on how they will spend their winning, but travelling to an exotic destination is high on the things to do with the Powerball fortune.

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