Lottery player wins Florida Lotto jackpot twice!

Florida Lotto jackpot

Lottery players don’t take odds too seriously and they are right to do so, because the chances of winning the jackpot are so remote that act as a deterrent for purchasing tickets. The odds of winning the main prize twice count in billions yet this is exactly what a lucky lottery player from Orlando has accomplished. In less than a year, he won the Florida Lotto jackpot twice for a total of $13 million and he’s confident in his chances of winning the prize three times.

Winning ticket bought from the same shop

Those who like to tinker with numbers will surely highlight the fact that the odds of winning the Florida Lotto jackpot twice are slim to none, but the chances for the same shop to sell the tickets are even worse. James Bozeman Jr is definitely not a big fan of statistics or if he is he chose to ignore them altogether and in the end he emerged victorious. Apparently he likes to shop at the 7-Eleven in Edgewood, because this is the place where he bought his first ticket, while purchasing other products.

The lottery winner didn’t tell the media whether he visited the aforementioned shop specifically to buy lottery tickets or if he had other acquisitions to make. What matters the most is that the decision to buy another ticket for the Florida Lotto jackpot proved to be correct and he is now $3 million richer. The owner of the shop will also collect a reward, so it goes without saying that he is thrilled to have James entering his store and grateful for the lottery player shopping for tickets here.

One lump payment, one annuity

Those who hope to win the Florida Lotto jackpot should know that in the fortunate event that they match the winning numbers, they will have to choose between the one-time payment and the annuity. The first has the advantage of making your millionaire overnight, while the second will help offset the losses suffered as a result of higher taxation. James Bozeman chose the lump payment when he collected his first prize, but settled for the annuity this time.

Apparently, the Florida Lotto jackpot winner is very confident in what the future will bring despite the fact that he is a 67 year old senior. He told reporters that he chose the annuity because he plans on living 100 years and it is hard to argue with him, given the fact that he has already been so lucky. He can easily serve as an example for fellow lottery players in terms of both optimism and success, proving once again that even the most crushing odds can be defeated.

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