Lottery players wait for Saturday’s superdraw with bated breath

Oz Lotto

Australian lottery players will again have plenty more to look forward to when the Oz Lotto’s superdraw is held on Saturday. Australian lottery fans were left a little disappointed after the last week’s Saturday superdraw for the Oz Lotto when twelve players came up with all the matching numbers, meaning no one person became a millionaire. But with $20 million on offer for this week’s Saturday superdraw, the Oz Lotto fans will have much to cheer for. Even if this week’s prize gets divided just like the last superdraw, nobody will be disappointed since the money is so big.

Saturday superdraws are a regular occurrence in the Australian lottery market, especially with the Oz Lotto. The Saturday superdraws are usually set around the $4 million mark irrespective of the rollover. But this week’s superdraw in particular will attract a huge amount of interest from lottery fans both in Australia & around the world since the money on offer is so big. But if you are one of those people wanting to buy a ticket to test your luck on winning the bumper jackpot, then make sure you know all the rules & conditions associated with the Saturday superdraw clearly before you invest your hard earned currency in buying them. Also make sure to check the lottery news pages on Sunday to know the winning numbers & to see if you are one of the lucky ones or not.


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