Lottery Players Eager for the $500 Million Mega Millions Draw

$500 Million Mega Millions Draw

Lottery players are eagerly waiting for the historic $500 Million Mega Millions draw. Never in the history of lotteries has any lottery game offered such an amount.  Such a jackpot was expected after previous $356 Million draw did not yield any jackpot winner. A series of rollovers has culminated to the a half a billion dollar in annuity payments.

The lottery fever is high as lottery players wait and see if tomorrow’s draw will yield a Mega Millionaire. Some lottery vendors report to have sold as many as 300 lottery tickets to a single lottery player. It is certain that the $500 Million dollar will change the lucky winner (s) life forever.

Players are employing the use of any method that can help them match the illusive mega millions winning numbers. Some have resorted to the use of lucky cookies to match up the winning numbers. The odds of matching up the mega millions numbers are 1 to 176,000,000 therefore players are desperate for any trick to use in order to bring down the winning odds.

After purchasing your lottery ticket all you have to do is cross your fingers and wait. May be it is by faith that come Friday night; you will go to bed a mega Millionaire.

The Mega Millions is a popular lottery played in 42 of states of the US. Players around the world can participate by playing Mega Millions online.

Good luck while playing for the Half a Billion jackpot!


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