Lottery Scammer Gets 30 Months Jail Term

Maureen Holt

When  Maureen Holt and her husband Fred went into the best one shop to check if their lottery ticket had won anything, they did not suspect that they were about to be defrauded. The store clerk told them that their ticket was worth less and then tried to claim the prize.

When he called the lottery hotline he was asked where he had bought the ticket and he gave the wrong answer. That is how Camelot suspected something was amiss with the £1Million winning ticket.

Farrakh Nizzar was caught while trying to leave the town when his license plates were recognized. He was taken to court and in July this year he pleaded guilty to fraud by false representation. The court handed him a 30 month jail sentence and said that this was to act as a deterrent to others. Although the cases of fraud are not many it is now clearer that the national lottery will do everything in its power to protect the players.

In order to keep the confidence of the public, Camelot, who are the national lottery operator have removed the lottery terminal from the Best One Shop. Camelot also suggests that in order to avoid the wrong people claiming your ticket you should sign it at the back and always check if it is a winning ticket before you present it at a shop.

As a precautionary measure the national lottery operators conducts frequent audits of its processes and each winner is subject to certain cheques to authenticate ownership of a winning ticket. Thankfully this time justice prevailed and Maureen Holt and her husband can enjoy what was rightfully theirs.


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