Lottery Scammers making millions daily out of victims

The cases of lottery scams have significantly risen in the recent days. A good numbers of the scams architects come from Jamaica. The police from the small Caribbean island nation report that the scammers have been living large courtesy of the proceeds from the lottery scams. They flaunt around with their state of the art luxurious vehicles to show off how just easy it can be to make money the easy way.

According to the Jamaican police, all that it takes for one to make money out of the scam is access to the internet and a cellular phone.  The police report that they have arrested scammers some barely 15 years of age who own mansions and luxurious vehicles. Investigations show that a scammer could make as much as $120,000 within a week from the lotto scam.

Some of the scammers have developed connection with the drug barons in the country and hence it has become difficult to pin them despite the numerous crackdowns by the Jamaican Police. The success stories by the lotto scammers have played a great part in attracting more Jamaicans to be part of the Lotto scam.

The police admit that the situation has the potential of spinning out of control as they are numerous cases of employees quitting legitimate jobs to ‘concentrate’ on the lotto scam. The US is the most affected country owing to the proximity to Jamaica. The scammers in 2010, scammed away an estimated $30 Million dollars from the state of Minnesota residents.

Lottery players around the world are cautioned to play it safe and never send money regardless of the amount of lottery prize won.


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