Lottery Ticket Misprint Frustrates Lottery Player

The feeling of ecstasy that lottery players get after winning from a lottery game is hard to describe. This explains the feelings of utter disgust a Massachusetts lottery player had after he found a scratch off lottery ticket is valueless as it was a case of a lottery ticket misprint. To add insult to the injury, the ticket the player had entitled him to a million dollar prize.

Paul Pasquarosa, a Boston resident was in high spirits after he found out he had matched the winning numbers and letters from the Cashword scratch-off. However, his luck didn’t last long as afterward he became aware that the lottery tickets he possessed was one of the 2,200 scratch off lottery tickets affected by the misprint.

Lottery officials were aware of the defective tickets and had tried to cut off the circulation of the misprinted scratch off lottery tickets. However, Paul is glad that he checked the ticket before leaving the store and this ‘cushioned’ him from the shock that followed afterwards. Paul feels that the lottery should take responsibility for selling the defecting scratch off lottery tickets less they lose the trust of avid lottery players from the state.

It isn’t yet clear on whether Paul plans to take legal action for the damages due to the defective lottery tickets. In response, the Massachusetts lottery apologized to any of the lottery players affected by the ticket misprint and further suggested that any complaints about the defective lottery ticket should be directed to the Legal/Claims department.


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