Lottery winner didn’t know he had a winning ticket

Lottery winner

Lottery players have different attitudes towards the game, and this has nothing to do with the amount invested or the length of time for which they purchased tickets. Even those who have played lottery games their entire lives can be laid-back individuals who are not going to rush to the computer immediately after the draw to check the numbers. Some people go a step further and don’t pay much attention to the game, simply because they correctly calculate the chances of winning, therefore they are not impatient.

Three weeks of good fortune

An excellent example of a grounded lottery player who didn’t count on winning a prize is Wade Haskett from Waynesville, N.C., he purchased a Carolina Cash 5 lottery ticket three weeks ago and put it in a safe place, then resumed his daily activities without thinking about the ticket or the draw. This is how it is possible that when the lottery officials began the draw and his numbers were matched, Mr. Wade had no idea that he was among the lucky winners.

He was not the sole player to win the top prize on November 6, but the other one was quick to claim his prize and probably spent a considerable amount of it already. As far as Haskett was concerned, nothing really happened and his life was well within its usual frame, until he realized his good fortune. This happened on November 25, when he found the winning ticket and confessed that he was quite surprised by this fortunate event. He had been buying lottery tickets for years but never won anything at expected this draw to have the same outcome, which explains why he didn’t pay much attention to the results.

A great Christmas present

As lottery prizes go, the one recently won by Mr. Wade is not impressive, especially if we compare it with the recently won Powerball jackpot. Nevertheless winning over $100,000 a few weeks before Christmas is quite a pleasant surprise that can turn these holidays into the best ever for Haskett and his family. In fact, these are the people that the winner intends to spend the money with, and among the planned expenses is a trip to St. Petersburg Florida to visit his son.

The rest of the money would be spent on home improvements and a part will go to their adult children, so overall the entire family to benefit from this price. The other winner is Larry Clegg from Biscoe and after the two lucky players paid the taxes, each of them received an amount of $80,364. One thing is certain, that from now on Mr. Wade will be more careful to check the winning lottery numbers.


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