Lottery winner fights cancer with job, not money

Lottery winner

Nicky Cusac, a winner of a UK National Lotto jackpot, is a person that lottery winners all around the world can choose to emulate. Despite winning a lottery jackpot two years back, she still works in a supermarket where she used to even before she won the lottery jackpot.

46 years old Cusack won the UK National Lottery jackpot of $3.9 million (2.49 million pounds) in 2009. At that time she was battling for her life since she had breast cancer. After going through numerous sessions of chemotherapy & radiotherapy, she returned to her job in a supermarket in Asda, Swindon where she works till date. She also buys lottery ticket every week, even now from the store where she works.

Today Cusac earns a paltry sum of 6.30 pounds an hour, which is barely above the minimum wage she is supposed to get in her country. But according to her it is her job which helped her fight cancer & not the lottery money. She still finds inspiration coming to work every day.

“I didn’t even know if I would see the next day or not. I wanted to stay normal. It is just about being who you want to be.” Cusac was quoted as saying.

But it is not that she has spent all her money on her medical bills. Just three months after her win, she has bought herself a four bedroom house in North Swindon at a cost of 250,000 pounds. She has also donated some amount to charity.

She is a mother of four children, one of whom is a member of the Royal Logistics Corps & returned last year from Iraq after a six month stint.


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