Lottery winner keeps nothing for himself

Lottery winner Bill Ryan

Winning the lottery is a dream come true for most players and among the first things that winners spend their money on are houses. Bill Ryan is the latest lottery winner and he took home a jackpot worth $100,000 but he has no intention in splashing out. Not surprisingly, he will use the prize to purchase a new house but what is out of the ordinary is the purpose for why this acquisition is made. He will not be the beneficiary of this investment, but the new house will provide shelter for homeless people.

Just another act of kindness

Those who know Bill Ryan will gladly step forward and tell whom it might concern that the latest lottery winner has a tradition of helping others. For most of his life, he dedicated all his money, resources and time to provide shelter and safe haven for those less fortunate. Homeless men and women found refuge on his property, despite the fact that he lives in a rather modest home, with a couple of cats. Over the course of time, he helped the underprivileged and eased passage into the afterlife for those terminally ill.

He looked after people he didn’t know, and many of those who struggled with poverty and disease enjoyed his kindness and undivided attention. Well before winning the lottery jackpot, he did the same for strangers and earned the respect of the entire community. $100,000 is not a fortune, but for Bill Ryan it is an amount that can be used to do a lot of good and that is exactly how he chose to spend the money on.

82 years old and still going strong

At his age, many people would use a lottery jackpot to ensure a peaceful retirement but Bill Ryan has no intention to keep the money for himself. Back in the day, he had to work two jobs just to earn enough money to cater for the well-being of others and he didn’t complain. Now that he is a lottery winner, he no longer needs to concern himself with scrapping pennies and is confident that this money will empower him to do a lot of good. The only problem is that Ryan is 82 years old and time is always of the essence when you want to achieve great things.

Luckily for him, he is not suffering from any severe disease and can channel his energy on doing what he knows best and he enjoys the most. While others might fail to understand why someone would go to great lengths to help people they don’t know, Bill confesses that this is what gives him purpose in life. For more than four decades, he was a pillar of the local community and even without a lottery jackpot to ease his mission he accomplished great things.

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