Lottery Winners can’t wait to take off for the States

Lottery winners

Winning the lottery presents brand-new opportunities to people, and one might assume that the decisions they make after scooping the jackpot are very different. Contrary to popular belief, most lottery winners spend a considerable amount of their money on the same things and have very similar priorities. At least as far as UK lottery jackpot winners are concerned, one of the first things on their list is to travel to the United States. Whether they plan on visiting Disneyland or other iconic place on the other side of the Atlantic, most winners make this trip soon after cashing in the prize.

Florida is the favorite destination

While there are plenty of things to do when seeing the United States, the vast majority of UK lottery millionaires are first and foremost visiting Florida. Those who have children are even more likely to take them to Walt Disney World but statistics show that roughly one in three lottery winners book a flight to the States. Lottery operator Camelot estimates that roughly 27% of UK millionaires are going to travel to Florida or at least expressed their intention to do so when asked about their short-term plans.

The Caribbean, Canary Islands, Majorca and Dubai are also sought after by lottery winners, especially during this time of the year when the temperatures in Europe are dropping. Regardless of season, the United States continues to attract British winners and the trend has been going strong for many consecutive years. Since the national lottery was created almost 2 decades ago, roughly £680m has been spent on holidays with a quarter of this amount being used for vacations in the United States.

Properties and vehicles come second

If we were to look at the manner in which lottery players spend their profits and focus exclusively on the sheer amounts, real estate represents the main investment. The vast majority of those who won the jackpot left their houses for bigger ones, and many of them even acquired several properties. It is not surprising that most of these real estate investments are made in locations that are hundreds of miles away from the place where the winners used to live.

Since most of them choose to quit job and improve their life dramatically, very few feel compelled to linger in the same places where they grew up. The money spent on luxury vehicles is insignificant if you compare the size of this investment to the total amount won. Nevertheless, very few lottery millionaires choose to keep their old cars and many go a step further and offer luxury vehicles as presents to those close to them.


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