Lottery Winners: Santa’s Early Christmas Gift

Lottery winner

Lottery winners have come together to finish their 1,000-mile trip visiting charitable institutions. Their arrival last week at Marie Curie Hospice Penarth seems an early gift from Santa Claus as patients enjoy each moment they spent on opening Christmas gifts magically wrapped while inside the red double-decker bus of Winner Wonderland.

The lottery winners who all took a share of their prizes from Driffield Tesco syndicate had volunteered to join the trip and share their blessings with the less fortunate people who are enclosed in the care of medical institutions. The journey started last Monday, 12 December, from the area of Glasgow. Their trip is about visiting institutions of children, the aged and the sick. They are giving gifts that are necessary for their basic needs and for their medication too.

Generosity is something that is common to them during this special trip. As their bus empties with gifts being given out, their hearts are filled with the gift of joy that cannot be replaced by any material things. They are also bound to give simple tokens to the caregivers and nurses who are tending the patients in the institutions. Some medical gadgets and instruments are also included in the colorful wrappings.

When the bus arrived at Marie Curie Hospice Penarth the excitement can no longer be explained. The recipients of the gifts knew that they were about to receive Santa’s special presents for them. It is true indeed. The patients and staffs are happy to get book vouchers, flat screen televisions and even wireless headphones from the Winner Wonderland bus riders. It is noted that this institution offers their services free of charge and; patients as well as their families get the peace of mind of having such service that is made possible by volunteers and donations. With the Christmas gifts they have recently received, they are sure to be enjoying more their leisure hours inside the hospice.


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