Lotto Max jackpot is the perfect Mother’s Day gift

Lotto Max jackpot

Lottery tickets are not the traditional gifts for a birthday party and very few choose to buy scratches for Mother’s Day. Luckily, this investment was a brilliant one for Sion Powell and his family as the tickets purchased for Lynda brought them the Lotto Max jackpot worth $50 million. The happy family can now afford to purchase whatever they might regard as the ultimate gift, although a decision is yet to be made.

There is a first time for everything

Lynda and her family have been playing the lottery for 25 years but until now they never won a large amount. It was well worth waiting a quarter of a century and buying tickets despite the disappointing results, because the Lotto Max jackpot will offset all previous losses. For the last couple of years, they chose to buy tickets together as a family instead of individually and this unlikely lottery syndicate hit the jackpot. None of the members are concerned about the prospect of splitting the prize because there is so much money to go around that everyone will receive a generous slice of the cake.

The Peterborough woman and her family were surrounded by reporters and they stood proudly, happily smiling for the cameras when they cashed in the Lotto Max jackpot. This is one of the largest prizes ever awarded by the Ontario lottery and the winners chose to receive the lump payment instead of the annuity. The winners can now visit their relatives in Wales, travel to their friends in Florida and purchase anything from expensive cars to lavish properties. They are yet to make up their mind and decided to take their time and debate the matter over a family dinner.

A memorable experience for the winners

The family made a habit out of coming together on Sunday dinners and buying tickets, but this experience was unique for a couple of reasons. Obviously, winning the Lotto Max jackpot left them speechless and it took a while before they realized the magnitude of their luck. John rushed across the street to check out the winning numbers at the local store and after he was certain that their family entered a select club of millionaires, announced her four children.

It is quite an extraordinary experience for them to drive home and see their parents bursting with enthusiasm, and bask in their happiness. Many lottery winners choose to quit work immediately after cashing in the ticket, but Lynda returned to work the next day. One interesting fact is that she chose to take the winning ticket with her at work and carefully hide it inside of a sock, which was conveniently placed in her locker. She no longer works at the retirement home, and looks forward to enjoy a peaceful retirement of her own.

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