Lotto multi-millionaire returns to work

EuroMillions winner

Both those who play the lottery regularly and people who only occasionally purchase a ticket, like to fantasize about what they would do in case they would win the big prize. Pretty much everyone agrees that such an event would change their lives for the better and in a dramatic fashion, but very few know exactly what they want to do. Among ambitious plans and eccentric ideas, it is possible to find people who claim that they have no intention of quitting their jobs even if they were to win the jackpot.

Faith in humanity restored

Knowing that a huge distance is separating action from intention, it came as a big surprise that Adrian Bayford from Haverhill translated this concept into reality. The 41-year-old Suffolk resident was the lucky winner in the recent Euromillions draw and took home a staggering £148 millions. Such an amount would cause most people to enter a spending frenzy and for many the joy would he overwhelming, but not for Mr. Bayford.

He remained surprisingly reasonable and his down to earth approach is bound to surprise anyone, regardless of his views towards lottery. Adrian works in an instrument store in Haverhill and after cashing in on this enormous amount he decided to go back to work. While it is not certain whether he owns the store or works there as a simple employee, his decision not to make a dramatic change right away is puzzling for many.

Passion makes the world go round

For those who know Mr. Bayford and visit his shop after he won the jackpot, the image he projects is the same familiar one. The only thing that stands out from the crowd is the Ford Kuga 4×4 vehicle that he recently acquired, but despite being an excellent family car it is not the kind of purchase that millionaires do. Interesting enough, it seems like his business also took of after he won the Euromillions, although Mr. Adrian has his doubts about whether those entering his store are prospective buyers or just curious.

It makes little difference for Bayford right now, as he is the second largest lottery winner in the EuroMillions history but this doesn’t prevent him from coming to work every day. His attitude can serve as an example, for other people who were lucky enough to see their budgets boosted by a fortunate event, and don’t know how to handle it. Only time will tell whether he will be still living in his four-bedroom house the next year as well, or if he will relocate to a more sumptuous residence. For the time being he serves as an example and a source of inspiration for many.


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