Lotto winner in court after claiming social benefits after windfall

Lotto winner in court

Most of the lottery winners prefer to remain anonymous after their win mostly to protect their privacy. But Edward Putman, a UK lotto player chose to remain anonymous after scooping five million pounds from the lottery for completely other reasons.  Apparently, Edward for over 20 months, Edward continued to collect housing and income benefits accumulating to £15,000.

The lotto winner lived lavishly in his detached house with a fleet of luxurious cars outside his home and he took advantage of his anonymity to collect the benefit for two years after his sudden windfall. Edward is now facing two charges of fraudulently receiving benefit funds.

Details emerging from the case reveal that not even close family members knew of the lottery win. Close family members term Edward as a very ‘private’ person and they only got to know of his lottery fortune after his fraud case went public. His former girlfriend, Gail, who has custody over their son was completely unaware of the lottery win.

Edward, did not even pay the monthly five pounds a month maintenance for the upkeep of his son. Although shocked about the findings, his former girlfriend knew a lot about Edward’s personality and she was not shocked of the pending charges against her former boyfriend.

Edward was exposed after trying to purchase his former council owned one bedroom house in cash. The council officials later contacted the police and reported his suspicious activities and the series of investigation led to the court cases. It is interesting to note that not even his neighbor knew of his millionaire status as he had earlier introduced himself as a property developer.


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