Lucky error makes single mother a SuperLotto Plus millionaire

SuperLotto Plus

Most errors lead to nasty consequences and those who commit them are trying to cope with the aftermath while hoping that the lesson serves them well. A single mother made such a mistake herself, but in the end this proved to be quite fortunate as she became the latest lottery millionaire. The mistake made her $14 million richer and what’s more exciting is the fact that she didn’t spend more than one dollar on a lucky lottery slip, that she had no intention of buying in the first place.

Paying in cash has its perks

Lottery players are frequently purchasing their tickets personally and asked the salesperson to give them the lottery tickets after handing them a credit card. Thuan Le didn’t want to lose time in this manner and used a vending machine which requires coins to be inserted before the potentially lucky lottery tickets are released. This is exactly what she did when entering a local CVS store and operating the same self-service Lotto machine she always used for buying tickets. Since she paid in cash, an error occurred and instead of inserting five dollars she slipped an additional one and this set the wheels in motion.

Naturally, she didn’t think twice and used the odd dollar to purchase an additional SuperLotto Plus ticket and less than one week later this proved to be the best investment ever. The winning numbers in the aforementioned lottery were 5, 25, 32, 33 and 43 with the Mega number being 26. This combination of numbers resulted in a massive payout of $14 million which is a life changer for the hard-working single mother who has four sons and used to struggle from paycheck to paycheck.

Suddenly, the future looks bright

The vendors in the lottery store told the media that when she realized that she is the latest lottery winner, Thuan Le ran out screaming and cheering. She is a frequent lottery player and used to buy tickets with her good friend, but this time she was alone and made the mistake of inserting one more dollar in addition to the regular five. With so much money in the bank, she can afford things that were not long ago out of reach, such as visiting her parents in Vietnam or traveling around the world with her family.

At least in theory, she could’ve canceled the order and retrieve the additional dollar, but fortunately she wasn’t that cheap and chose to give it a spin. Buying the second SuperLotto Plus ticket was a judgment call and looking back at what she did two weeks ago, it goes without saying that she was the right person in the right place. The odds of winning the main prize in this lottery are one to 42 millions, four times better than the ones in Powerball but still a long shot.

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